2022 Coastal & Estuarine Summit
Hosted by Restore America's Estuaries
New Orleans, LA | December 4-8, 2022
Blue Carbon Collaboratives: Developing and Leveraging Communities of Practice to advance blue carbon in US Coastal States and Regions
Thursday, December 8, 9:00am - 1:00pm
Location: Royal

80 participants; $30, lunch is included

If the registration fee is an impediment to registration, please contact: eschwartz@estuaries.org Lunch will be provided as an opportunity for networking.

Coastal blue carbon habitats like salt marsh, mangroves and seagrasses are at the center of policy discussions around coastal resilience and increasingly climate mitigation due to their ability to sequester and store carbon while providing beneficial services to humans and wildlife. Coastal wetlands are natural carbon sinks, and US states with expansive coastlines are recognizing the importance of conserving these habitats to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and climate-related impacts like sea-level rise. Inclusion of blue carbon in climate strategies can be challenging, and progress varies depending on a variety of factors such as data availability, funding resources and effective governance arrangements. To create capacity and support local and regional efforts, several state and regionally focused blue carbon collaborations have formed over the last 5 years to advance research, share information, forge connections, and help inform management and policy, including Pew’s Blue Carbon Network. This workshop is intended for managers, researchers, NGOs, and other practitioners involved in state/regional blue carbon efforts who are interested in learning more about existing collaboratives, like the Pacific Northwest Blue Carbon Working Group, and exploring opportunities to create new communities of practice to advance blue carbon in state management and policy.

Support for this workshop was provided by The Pew Charitable Trusts.